On Friday evening, February 3rd, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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New export 'Relationship history'

This update is relevant for data-oficers

In addition to the 'Relations' export, there is now also an export 'Relationship history'. The first export gives an overview of the active relationships at the time the export is created. These are relationships between professionals and clients.

As the name suggests, the 'Relationship history' export shows all relationships. Besides the active relationships, you will also find the relationships that are discontinued. This export also shows relationships between relatives and clients and their status. 

Minddistrict app

Adjustment in diary flow

This update is relevant for clients and friends 

Did client completed a diary in the app? Then at the end, the client was previously sent to the homepage instead of the timeline of that diary.

When completing in a browser, the client is always sent to the timeline. There the client will see the diary item that has just been completed. This is especially desirable if 'computations', in the form of an advice or hint, are placed on the timeline.

Therefore from now on this has also been changed for users of both the iOS and Android app. After completing a diary, the client will also be directed to the diary timeline here. This shows the new entry. Is there a computation in the diary? The client can now see it immediately on the timeline in the app as well.


Expanding of computation option

This update is relevant for editors 

Since September 2022, it is possible to add computations in mobile modules. This was only possible for single-choice questions (radio buttons).

Now this functionality can also be used with other field types:

  • Multiple choice (checkboxes)
  • Slider 

Benefits for the professional and/or client

Computations allow the professional and/or client to see a score based on the client's answers. This can help provide information on how things are going based on the scores and give advice where needed.

Slider with computation

How does this work for the editor?

The editor can add computations in the CMS in the mobile module (topic), and:

  1. will add the score for each answer in the CMS
  2. defines the calculation of the scores in the Computations JavaScript screen
  3. will decide how the score will be displayed.

The editor can also add information or advice for the therapist by using the 'Professionals only' option of the text.

Tip: On the supportpage 'Computations in mobile modules' you can find more information about adding a computation in a mobile module.
Interested in this new feature? Contact the Minddistrict servicedesk to have this feature activated in your CMS.

Show or hide certain questions on the submission page

This update is relevant for editors 

In the mobile modules, the page with a submission moment listed all questions and given answers. 

From now on, the editor can choose which questions and given answers are shown on this page. Each new question created has the option to uncheck 'Show on submission page' (which is the default setting). The editor only has to take an extra action when the choice is not to show the question during the submission moment.

This new option is available for all question types.

Does the editor uncheck this option? Then the question and answer will not be shown in the submission moment.

Option 'Show on submission page' is unchecked
The question is not shown during the submission moment

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