On Friday evening, March 5th, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Have fun with the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Deleting messages from conversations

This update is relevant for professionals and application managers 

Accidentally sent a message or attachment to the wrong client? A message with privacy information to the wrong person? 

Until now, a request could be made, via the application manager, to delete an entire conversation. This was a cumbersome process that took time and money. 

Professionals will now be able to remove wrongly send messages containing sensitive information themselves in conversations.

Removing a message
When a professional hoovers the mouse over the message, the option to remove the message appears. The next screen explains that the message/attachment can only be deleted if sensitive information has been shared that does not belong in the conversation. A confirmation is requested here. In addition, it is advised to follow the protocol of the organization in case of a data breach.
Notification in conversation
The participants in the conversation will see a notification that a message has been deleted because it was wrongly addressed.
Task and log for application manager
The application manager receives a task after a message has been removed by a professional and can permanently delete the message from the database. The deletion of a message is recorded in a log. This log is only accessible by the application manager.
In the configuration the application manager can enable or disable the option to delete messages.

Login hints for external authentication

This update is relevant for application managers

When logging in via external authentication (delegated login, Koppeltaal, SAML or SNS launch) the user can get hints on the login screen. To show these hints it is necessary that in the configuration the correct data is filled in.

When a session is expired and the user is automatically logged out, there is also a hint that will indicate how to log in again.
Are you an application manager and do you use external authentication? You can help the end user by entering the necessary information in the configuration.

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Notifications for new messages

This update is relevant for clients and friends

Push notifications were only available for diaries, plans and video calls. In addition to these notifications now push notifications for incoming messages can be received on mobile.
A notification is sent for every new message in a conversation.

The notifications can be switched on or off via the settings.
This can be done per category.