On Friday evening, June 2nd, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Introduction page for clients

This update is relevant for clients

We have created an introduction page that explains the functionalities on the Minddistrict platform to new clients. On this page, clients see what the possibilities of the platform are and what they can expect from using Minddistrict.

Via a pop-up, new clients see an invitation to view the introduction page. Once the pop-up is accepted or rejected, it no longer appears in the client's account. However, the page is always accessible via the dropdown menu next to the profile image.

screenshot of introduction page

Update: The introduction page will be released during the July deployment.

Flow for setting up 2FA improved

This update is relevant for all persons using 2FA

Setting up 2FA with an authentication app was not always clear to some users. To make the steps for setting up more logical and streamlined, adjustments have been made.

For example, the first 2 steps have been merged into one page instead of two pages.

Also interesting

Extension of data dashboard

This update is relevant for data-officers 

The dashboard has been extended with data on progress in modules.

You can see this information when you click on the module title. Besides the progress in modules, you can also see where are dropouts. Within Minddistrict, the following criteria are used for dropout:

  • We consider a module completed when at least 80% of the steps have been done.
  • Dropout occurs when the module is less than <80% complete AND more than 60 days have passed since the last step was completed AND the client actually has a task.
  • If a client/module is not categorized as completed or dropout, it is a client/module that is 'in progress'.

The progress graphs are about clients who have opened at least the first page. So you do not see the modules that have been assigned but not clicked in at all by the client.

Be careful about jumping to conclusions based only on the data in the dashboard. Do you want more background on (the interpretation of) this data? Contact your accountmanager.

Interested in a dashboard account? You can request this (via your account manager) at the Minddistrict service desk.


This update is relevant for application managers

In the past, it was recommended regularly to manually include a link to the support pages in the footer of the platform. In the meantime, a link to the support pages is now included by default in the footer of all platforms. As a result, there are platforms where this information is double. To make the information in the footer clearer, we will remove the manually added text with link in the summer period. 

Announcement: deactivating configuration 'product feedback'

This update is relevant for application managers 

The 'product feedback' option was used by Minddistrict to collect feedback. We now use other methods. Therefore, this configuration is no longer turned on by default in platforms. This makes the configuration menu clearer for the application managers. In the summer period we will deactivate the configuration for platforms where this is still available.

Do you still use this option for content you have created yourself? Would you like to continue using it for the time being? Please contact the service desk to make sure this option stays available to you.

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