On Friday evening, August 5, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Pilot with new functionality 'plans & schemas'

Minddistrict has created a new tool type: Plans and schemas.

In a pilot project, these new tools will be tested and reviewed in a few organisations before going into production.

The plans that are available:

  • relapse prevention plan (also known as signalling plan)
  • if-then plan
  • exercise plan

The schema that is available:

  • case conceptualisation

The client will have access to a plan or schema in order to remind themselves, learn or reflect.

The client:

  • receives an e-mail/task from the assigned plan or schema. This plan or schema is available on their homepage
  • can fill in the plan or schema and afterwards edit or delete it
  • in the mobile app, the filled in plan or schema can also be viewed when the client is offline.

The therapist, can:

  • assign a plan or schedule to a client via the catalogue. 
  • see the assigned plans and schedules in the client account, including the client's input
Keep an eye on our release notes for updates on the pilot and this new tool type.


CMS improvement through ability to duplicate fields

This update is relevant for editor

Previously created fields, like a multiple choice question, can now be duplicated in the CMS.

Do you use the option to copy a field? The content will be fully copied.

This makes it easier for editors to re-use the same structure. This new possibility affects ease of use in the working process because the editor no longer has to create every element from scratch.

Update of illustration database

This update is relevant for editors 
Our illustration database is updated! Outdated illustrations have been renewed, new ones have been added and the layout of the folders has been improved.
There are currently more than 600 illustrations in the illustration database, including illustrations for children, illustrations with text, GIFs, illustrations of human figures and illustrations for diaries.
Interested in our illustration database? Contact your Minddistrict accountmanager to talk about the possibilities.

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