On Friday evening, July 2nd, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Notification of sensitive client information in data export

This update is relevant for data officers

Data officers who create an export that contains privacy-sensitive information will now receive a warning. This notification appears in step 3, the final step. 

The warning is added to prevent the risk of a data breach. Data officers have access to privacy-sensitive information. They can download this information and store it outside the secure Minddistrict platform. If this is not handled carefully there is a risk of a data breach.

Minddistrict app

Up-to-date privacy statement and Terms of Use in the app

This update is relevant for clients and friends

From now on, the app shows exactly the same privacy statement and terms of use as via the browser. Previously, a small difference was possible because the texts in the app were displayed locally and were not loaded from the server, as was the case in the browser.

Now these texts in the app are also loaded from the server, they will always be automatically updated here too and will be more flexible for changes.  Therefore updated texts are shown to clients who open the privacy statement or terms of use in the app. 

Moreover, due to legislation, there may be a difference in the privacy statement of, for example, German and English platforms. Due to this change, these different privacy statements can also be displayed more easily in the app.


Upload video in content metadata 

This update is relevant for editors 

Editors can add a converted video ( up to maximum 100 MB) to the metadata of tools, such as modules or diaries. This works in a similar way as adding a poster image. 

The video can contain an instruction or introduction to the tool. For example explaining to practitioners  what is the best way to use the tool or with which other tools it can be combined. Also consider videos in which fellow therapists share their experiences with the tool. This can help other practitioners when choosing and using tools, such as modules. 

In the near future Minddistrict will start adding videos to selected modules. Practitioners can then find these videos in the description of the modules in the catalogue.


Expansion of the Data dashboard

This update is relevant for organisations that (want to) use the data dashboard 

The Minddistrict data dashboard has been expanded with information about tool use. For the period you select, you can find information about: 

  1. The most activated modules and training courses (browser-only and mobile) 
  2. The most activated questionnaires in the form of screening or monitoring 
  3. The most activated and the most completed diaries 

The data dashboard is still available as a beta version. This means that the data dashboard is under development and changes can be made. There are therefore currently no costs associated with using the data dashboard. 

Do you want access to the data dashboard? Please contact service@minddistrict.com to request this access.

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