On Friday evening, July 7th, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Have fun with the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Information on security updates

This update is relevant for application managers 

Recently, a number of security updates have been made in the Minddistrict platform. This may have caused Minddistrict to not work (properly) on (very) old devices and/or browsers. This concerns devices and/or browsers that we do not support anymore, officially. Due to these updates, you may experience an increase in complaints from users who still use very old systems. Therefore, we ask you to always check the technical specifications of the device or browser that was used when you receive notifications about malfunctioning of the platform.

Configuration 'Frame settings' changed to 'Security'

This update is relevant for application managers

The configuration 'Frame settings' has been renamed to 'Security'. This is because security options have been added to the configuration. Now it's possible, for example, to change the Cookie SameSite attribute: 

  • By default, this is set to strict
  • In case of delegated logon, koppeltaal, and sns-launch authentication methods, the value is set to lax
  • For integration within an iframe, the value is set to none

Note: a change to 'lax' or 'none' will decrease the security level of the platform. 

The configuration 'Security' is available for organisations that work with a frame. This configuration is not available in the platform by default. If you want to use this configuration, please contact the Minddistrict service desk.


New module: Stay home, stay fit

Staying fit and healthy, while being at home this much, isn’t easy. Still, there are ways to keep working on your health, even when possibilities to go to the gym are down and snacks are within reach. Want to learn how to do this during the Coronavirus crisis? This module can help.

This module consists of two parts:

•    Building motivation for staying fit. 

•    Information on exercising enough and eating healthy during the Coronavirus crisis

Important information 

•    Available since June 16th 

•    Also available on the module phone