On Friday evening, December 1st, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Improvements of the data dashboard

This change is relevant for organisations that (want to) use the Minddistrict data dashboard

A new version of the customer dashboard recently went live with three changes:

  • Adjustments to the time labels in the charts (daily, weekly, monthly). This makes the graphs more readable.

  • Help pages added under the user profile menu at the top right. At the moment, only the information is available for the pages that everyone can see. In time, we will evaluate whether this is sufficient, or whether we want to add further information.

  • The total number of modules has been added to the module completion charts. Mouse-over has also been added. When you mouse over the graph, additional information is visible.

Technical update

SAML SSO check on public key

This update is relevant for application managers 

When SAML SSO is configured, the application administrator sets a so-called public key in the configuration of the platform. Once the expiration date of the key has passed, it is no longer valid and the SAML SSO will stop working.

To make sure the key does not expire unnoticed, a daily check now takes place. One month before the expiration date, the application manager receives a task in the platform. They also then receive a notification about this.

This helps application administrators to update the key in time so that the link continues to work.

Also interesting

Watch webinar: 'Discovering the future of mental health care and AI' 

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive models and are terms you here a lot about. At Minddistrict too, we naturally keep an eye on these technological developments. In this webinar, our Chief Data Officer Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud gave his views on this topic. Watch it back here.

Data officer Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud in the webinar about AI

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