On Friday evening, June 4th, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. This month we don't have visible changes for the end user. We would, however, like to draw your attention to some nice topics. 

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The road to digital accessibility in ehealth

This update is relevant for all users 

We’re constantly learning about accessibility in order to improve our platform. Part of this includes user testing - and last year, we tested our platform with people who experience different digital limitations. We learned a lot, including where we could make some improvements.

In our last release note, we informed you about recent improvements we’ve made on the log-in and sign-up screens. 

And in our recent blog, you can find out more about digital accessibility, our process of user testing and what we’re doing to make Minddistrict accessible for all.


MindReSolve - Rumination-focused cognitive behavioural therapy for young people

We wanted to remind you about one of our newer modules, MindReSolve. Created and tested by Professor Edward Watkins at the University of Exeter, the module is a proven, evidence-based digital intervention for reducing worry, rumination, stress, anxiety and depression in young people. Please contact Eva (e.papadopoulou@minddistrict.com) if you’d like to hear more about the module (including more detailed information on the trials mentioned and published results) and the associated cost.

More information about the MindResolve module

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