On Friday evening, January 13th, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Client can archive mobile modules and diaries

This update is relevant for clients and friends 

Clients' home pages can become cluttered with many assigned modules, started and completed tools.

Therefore, from now on, clients (and friends) can archive diaries and mobile modules.

On the homepage, clients can, via the 'Manage homepage' button, navigate to the page 'Manage your homepage'. Here they can see which diaries or mobile modules are active and which are archived. On this page, they can archive a diary or mobile module. Archived modules can also be restored, so that the modules are always accessible to the client (and loved one) again.

This new feature is available via both the browser and in the mobile app.

Therapists could already archive and reactivate diaries. This will remain the same.

However, they cannot archive or restore a mobile module. On the client dashboard, they can only see how many diaries or mobile modules the client has archived. However, the titles are not visible for the therapist.

Browser-only modules cannot be archived, but the therapist changes them in a way that the modules are moved to completed modules.

Note: Clients can only archive mobile modules and diaries and no other tools such as browser-only modules.
Restored an archived module? It will then be unguided, even if it was guided before.

Notification when using outdated browser

This update is relevant for all users 

Professionals and clients who log in using an outdated browser were only shown a white page. As a result, it was not clear what was going on.

We now display a text explaining to users that they are using an unsupported browser (version) and to use Minddistrict they need to update it or switch to another supported browser.

Curious which (versions) of browsers we support because they are secure and stable? This current overview of recent and safe versions of browsers is made and maintained by web designers and webmasters of different websites. Minddistrict does not maintain this overview itself.

Technical update

Adjustment in Active directory (Azure)

This update is relevant for organisations using an AD integration 

Where until now only the employeeID could be used to identify external users, the application manager can now also choose to use a custom-defined AD attribute for the external user identification.

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