Due to the holidays and a database migration last week, we will not have a new version of the platform in January. In this release note you can read about changes already made. We do update the content in our catalogue in January. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict!

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Successful data server migration

In recent months, our developers have worked on the migration of the data servers on which training and content platforms run as well as Dutch, German and Danish production platforms. The migration was successfully completed in December. 

The migration... 

  • ...ensures that the platform continues to run smoothly with increased usage. 
  • ...makes the platform more robust and future-proof. 
  • ...simplifies the implementation of new functionalities. 
  • ...improves monitoring and will therefore be more stable. 
  • ...leads to significantly less downtime during our monthly deployments. 

We will migrate the data servers of the United Kingdom production platforms in January 2022. In order to move the data from one server to another, platforms will be unavailable for some time. We understand that this downtime may be an inconvenience for you. You will receive an extra email as soon as we know the date that you can expect some downtime.


New module: Youth: Depression

In this new module for young people with depression, the emphasis is on understanding. Having a depression is not something to be taken lightly. The young person is offered various tools and can choose those that appeal to them the most. They read about turning their thoughts around, but also about doing more fun things, interacting with others, gaining more control in life and expressing themselves more.

The module:
  • Contains an action plan and a diary
  • Contains vlog videos from a young person
  • Created in consultation with young people

Do you want to expand your catalogue with this module? Please contact your account manager or the Minddistrict Servicedesk.
The module is available from January 7th.

New module: Youth: ADHD

In this new module for young people with ADHD, the young person is offered various tools. Firstly, they learn about their strong points and how they can make better use of them. They also learn about staying more focused, planning and organizing and how to respond to others who do not fully understand ADHD. The module contains several experience stories from other young people. The use of medication is briefly touched upon so that the care worker can discuss this with the young person.  
The module contains an action plan.

More information about the Youth: ADHD module
Do you want to expand your catalogue with this module? Please contact your account manager or the Minddistrict Servicedesk.
The module is available from January 7th.


Publish updates in content yourself

This update is relevant for Releasemanagers and editors 

Since the migration of the data servers, as mentioned above, you as a release manager can publish changes in previously developed content yourself.

After publishing the updates, the changes are immediately visible on all platforms on which the content is activated at that time. (This doesn't work yet for platforms with an extension 'co.uk'. After the migration of the UK production platforms in January changes wil also by visible on those  platforms after publishing.

It will no longer be necessary to sent a release form to the Minddistrict Servicedesk for updates. As release manager you will be in control and you can publish updates via the 'Publish' button at a time that suits you. Until the migration of the United Kingdom platforms (co.uk) takes place the new proces of updating existing content will work for all other platforms (with an extension .nl .de .dk or .com)

Tip: A tip for large changes in already activated content: first test these properly in the content platform and inform care workers before publishing the changes.

To activate content on a platform, for example on the production and training platform of your organization, you will always need help from the Minddistrict Service Desk. You can use the existing release form for this.

Note: after publishing updates on a contentplatform, the changes are visible in all platforms where this content has been activated 

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