On Friday evening, December 6, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Have fun with the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Password strength meter and checklist when creating a password

This update is relevant for all users 

When a user creates a new password they get supported with a checklist of the password requirements. The strength of the password is visualised by a strength meter. Both are visible when the user creates a password via the browser.

Caps Lock indicator

This update is relevant for all users 

When typing a password it is sometimes difficult to see that the 'Caps Lock' is enabled. The password field is now provided with a 'Caps Lock' icon, so that unnecessary errors can be avoided. As soon as the mouse hovers over the icon while the Caps Lock is activated, a tooltip appears ‘Caps Lock activated’.

Greeting and signature in emails

This update is relevant for application managers 

It is possible now to use a customised default greeting. For example use 'Dear <first name + last name>' instead of 'Dear <first name>'. The new greeting will be used in all email messages on the platform. The signature can also be adjusted per platform. Please note: the changes will apply to all email messages on a platform.

Do you want to use a customised standard greeting or signature in the emails? Please contact the Minddistrict servicedesk.

Minddistrict app

The app is now available for friends

This update is relevant for friends

The app, both Android and iOS, is now available for friends. After responding to the invitation and creating an account on the platform they can use the app. In the app they can use the same tools as via the browser, especially the conversations. It is possible to use a QR code for an easy login.

Possibility to upload a profile picture from a phone

This update is relevant for clients and friends who use the app

Since mid-November it is possible to set and upload a picture from the phone. The picture is then visible in both the app and on the platform because it is uploaded to the server. If the user had already set a profile picture on the phone, it will now be automatically uploaded to the server. This functionality is available in both the Android and the iOS app.

Support for the app in Android 5 and iOS 11 will be discontinue

This update is relevant for clients and friends who use the app

Users of Android 5 and iOS 11 will find only out-of-date versions in the app store and will no longer receive updates. Eventually, these users will no longer be able to use the app, as Minddistrict will no longer support the out-of-date versions. Their only way to continue using the app is to update to a more recent version of an operating system version and install the latest version of the app. This change is not communicated within the apps.

Better level of security for the app

Both the iOS and the Android app have a higher level of security. From now on, all user data stored on the device is encrypted. From now on we added encryption for all the user data stored on the device.