On Friday evening, September 1st, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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This update is relevant for clients and therapists

Notifications in conversations within mobile modules

The 'Participants' tab in the mobile module conversations was easily overlooked. 

The client automatically assumes this is a conversation with only the guiding therapist, but this is not the case. All related therapists can access the conversations within a module.

To bring this to their attention, we show a notification to inform the client that all related therapists have access to the conversation and not just the supervising therapist.

Notification in submission moments

It is possible that several therapists are related to a client. However, a module can only be guided by one therapist. It is important that it is clear to the client who has access to answers and conversations in a module. Therefore, in the submission moments of guided modules, a text is now shown that in addition to the guiding therapist, other related therapists can also read and answer answers.

However, a client cannot continue in the module until the guiding therapist provides feedback.

The notifications mentioned above are visible via the browser as well as in the app.

Tick tasks in the task overview

This update is relevant for professionals

Some tasks disappear from the task overview by completing certain actions, e.g. giving feedback. Other tasks in the platform have an option that must be ticked off before the task disappears.

Previously, a task could only be ticked off from the tasks panel on the homepage. From now on, this can also be done from the task overview page (via menu item 'tasks').For example, a task such as 'view diary entry' can now be ticked off from the overview of tasks.

Tasks such as, for example, 'Give feedback' cannot be ticked off this way but disappear the moment the task is completed.

ClientID visible in professionals' overview

This update is relevant for professionals

Some organisations want the ClientID to be visible in the Client profile bar (the bar professionals see in client accounts). At those organisations, therapists manually check the ID in the EHR to make sure they are opening the correct client account..

Showing the ClientID in the Client profile bar makes it quicker and easier to check this from any page in the client account.

Platform now also available in Polish

This update is relevant for application managers

For organisations using the multilingual platform option: the platform will also be available in Polish as from 1 September.

Interested in a multilingual platform? Ask your account manager about the possibilities.


New privacy policy

Minddistrict's compliance department has written a new privacy policy.  The platforms will display this new privacy policy as from 1 September. You can find the privacy policy in the footer of your platform .

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