On Friday evening, November 3rd, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Work in progress

Development of ROM Questionnaires

At Minddistrict, we believe in personalisation of care. To achieve personalised care, insight is crucial. Insights can be gained through the (periodic) usage of questionnaires/measurement tools. This can be done by using traditional methods like ROMs and through emerging methods like Experience Sampling Method (ESM) and Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA). These insights into the client's mental well-being supports professionals and clients in making decisions about the treatment process.

For this reason and due to requests, we decided halfway this year to further develop our measurement processes and (ROM) questionnaires.


We are currently working on the functionality where professionals and clients gain insight into the client's mental well-being through the (periodic) use of questionnaires. These insights support professionals and clients in making decisions about the treatment process. So the client receives appropriate care.

Notifications on the use and progress of the questionnaires supports the usage. Results are displayed in a graph that helps with interpretation (norm scores).

You can ask your account manager for a demo. The development of the ROM functionality will continue into 2024.

Also interesting

Webinar: discover the future of mental health care and AI

At Minddistrict we too are keeping an eye on the developments of the latest technologies and consider whether and how we want to integrate them into our platform and app. Curious about our thoughts on what the role of AI (artificial intelligence) in mental health care is or could be? 

Our colleague Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud, Chief Data Officer at Minddistrict, is hosting the webinar "Discover the future of mental care and AI" on 7 November 7th at 13:00h. Are you interested in this topic? Find more information and a sign-up form on our website.

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