On Friday evening, March 1st, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Strengthen treatment with metrics, questionnaires and ROM 

This update is relevant for professionals and clients

You might have heard about it: we are working hard on our questionnaire functionality. This release shows the first wave of functionality and questionnaires.

We now call the functionality questionnaire planning. The main difference is that you can create schedules, results can be seen in graphs, and questionnaires are available on mobile devices. We explain here what exactly that means for therapists and clients.

What the new questionnaire planning brings for the therapist:  

  • The therapist creates a schedule for (repeated) questionnaires and can give that schedule a start date.
  • Add or remove questionnaires from the planning himself.
  • Viewing the status per questionnaire. The planning page shows the questionnaires and whether they are Scheduled, Available, Started, Completed or Not Completed.
  • The therapist receives an e-mail notification and a task the moment the client completes a questionnaire.
  • View the results of the questionnaires in a graph, including norm tables and norm groups.
Note that this last point depends on the questionnaire. Chart and norm tables/groups are not always available.

What clients see back from questionnaires and ROM:

  • Receive an email notification and task when a questionnaire needs to be filled in
  • Receive an email notification as a reminder if the questionnaire has not been completely filled in after a week of inactivity
  • After completing a questionnaire, view a global overview of the results in a graph, including an explanation of the meaning of the results.

There are costs involved with the ROM functionality. Interested? Please contact your account manager. You can also request a demo from your account manager.
More detailed information on the ROM questionnaires can be found on our support pages for clients or those for therapists.


Creating new questionnaire

This update is relevant for editors 

It is now possible to create mobile questionnaires. This works in much the same way as creating a mobile module.

Creating questionnaires:

Creating a questionnaire basically works the same as creating a mobile module (topic).

In the catalogue of your content platform, use the 'Create' button for this, as always.

  • On the 'Create content' page, select the 'Module or questionnaire' type.
  • on the 'Create a module or questionnaire' page
    1 type a title
    2 select the tool catagory 'Questionnaire'
    3 !Note: Do you want to create a module? Then select the minus sign '-'.
  • you are now directed to the page where you can create the questionnaire. This works the same as for mobile modules.
To assign the questionnaire to a client, you need to add it in a Questionnaire Planning (Topic List) Is this not yet activated in your CMS? Please contact the service desk or your account manager.

Questionnaire Planning (Topic list):

Would you like to create a ( repeating) questionnaire? Then proceed as follow:

In the catalogue of your content platform, use the 'Create' button for this, as always.

  • On the 'Create content' page, select the 'Topic list' type.
  • on the page 'Create a topic list':
    1 you give the title
    2 select 'Questionnaire planning'
    3 !Note Do you want to create a modulelist? Then select the minus sign '-'.
  • on the preview page you select 'Template'. This will bring you to the page 'Edit template'
  • here you search for the content you want to add to the planning. This can be done via searching by title or ID.
  • If you have added (multiple) questionnaires you can indicate a schedule, e.g. '2 weeks after the start of the previous one'
  • Ready? Click on 'Save'
With the CMS, it is not yet possible to create your own results page with graphs. This requires technical support from our side.
More information on creating questionnaires and questionnaire schedules can be found on our support pages for intervention developers.


Dashboard extension

This update is relevant voor application managers/data-officers 

A new version of the data dashboard has recently been deployed. The SMS tab (if applicable) will show the following:

  1. graphs for unique SMS users
  2. total number of messages per user type (e.g. professionals and customers)

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