On Friday evening, 7th of June, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict!

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Using mobile questionnaires

This update is relevant for therapists

We can now develop mobile versions of questionnaires, so clients can complete them in both the app or via a browser. 

Would you, as a therapist, like more information on working with the new mobile questionnaires? Then read on:

1 Assigning questionnaire

  1. Search the catalogue by questionnaire name or select the filter ‘Questionnaire planning’.
  2. Select the appropriate questionnaire.
    If necessary, view information about the questionnaire by clicking on its title.

  3. You will then also see the default planning of the questionnaire.
  4. Click on ‘Add to client’.

  5. The questionnaire will immediately be made available to your client once. Would you like the questionnaire to be scheduled more often? Then click on the Cogwheel icon.

  6. On the next page, you can click ‘Edit schedule’ to add another questionnaire.
  7. If necessary, you can also remove a questionnaire on this page as long as the client has not started yet.
  8. After you click on 'Edit module' you will be taken the next page, where you can click on ‘add item’. Choose the next questionnaire.
  9. Here you can also remove a questionnaire.

  10. After you added a questionnaire select the planned start date(s) and click on ‘Save’.
  11. The due date for questionnaires is 30 days. 

2 How to check the results of a mobile questionnaire

  • When your client has completed and submitted the entire questionnaire, you will receive a notification (via email and your tasks).
  • From here, you can go to the results page with a graph (and the norms). This is especially suitable when the client has completed a questionnaire several times (ROM).
  • Would you like to view the specific answers a client has given? Then you can do so via the client dashboard. 
  • Checking the answers works the same as checking answers in mobile modules.
  • Questionnaires that can only be used once, such as diagnostic screenings, do not have a results page with a graph. You always view the results of these by going to ‘Answers’ in the questionnaire.


Update: new mobile module 'Sleep better'

This module 'Sleep better' focuses on reducing sleeping problems. This is achieved by reading psychoeducation, watching videos of therapists and experiencers and by inventorising clients own sleeping problems.

There are exercises aimed at improving sleep habits and coping differently with non-helpful thoughts, e.g. with a 5G diagram with helping thought. People can also use audio files to practise relaxation, for example with a breathing and body relaxation exercise. By the end of the module, the participant will have developed practical skills to counteract sleep problems.

Interested in this new module 'Sleep better'? Get in touch with your account manager. Is the browser-only module ‘Sleep well’ already available on your platform? Then we will activate this new mobile version automatically.


Expansion of dashboard

This update is relevant for data-officers 

We recently deployed a new version of the data dashboard. You can now also find information about mobile questionnaires in the dashboard, if this is set up for your organisation.

Data will only be displayed if a functionality is available on your platform, e.g. Video calls or Questionnaires.
No account in the data dashboard, but interested? Contact your account manager or the Minddistrict service desk. More information on the dashboard can be found on our supportsite.

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